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Bespoke Charity Wristbands

Charity wristbands are one of our most popular products. They have been around for over 15 years now and still as popular as ever! We have supplied these wristbands to countless charities such as Help For Heroes, The Gurkha Welfare Trust, Meningitis UK, Afghan Heroes, Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance, The Matt Hampson Foundation, Joining Jack and many more! They are a a great way to increase brand awareness and to raise funds for your charity. They are also great of promoting your organisation and can have some really funky looks and styles.

Our charity wristbands are made from 100% silicone rubber, are easy to put on and take off your wristbands. The wristbands have smooth edges and can be printed or ink filled. We recommend ink filled, as these are more durable and never fade. We can also do multi colour swirl, skinny/slim and wide charity wristbands. Our wristbands are also eco-friendly.

Our charity wristbands can have your own design, including your logo and/or message and we offer a large range of colours and we offer a selection of sizes, from infants, childrens, adults and extra large! You can have as much text as you like and we do not charge for images. You are also to have the inside customised.

We offer 100 free wristbands over 50, so we offer extremely competitive prices and offer a price beat guarantee policy! Just send your quote to us! Just contact us now to discuss what would be most suitable for you!

Our charity wristbands offer the widest range of options including the following;

  • PRINTED – designed around your own colour scheme, logo or message.
  • DEBOSSED – bracelets with your message engraved and very durable.
  • DEBOSSED INK FILLED – these are engraved with a message or logo injected in contrasting ink. This design is durable and eye-catching.
  • EMBOSSED – moulded to have your message standing out on the bracelet. These tactile bracelets ensure that your message or logo never fades.
  • EMBOSSED WITH PRINT – wristbands that add another colour to the embossing – for an everlasting reminder of your message or company.
  • MULTI-COLOUR SWIRL – Made with a production process that allows us to marble, segment or stripe colours, we can even recreate the rainbow! There is no limit to the creation of great designs that will really stand out!
  • SPRAY – Oil-sprayed in a contrasting colour on the outer layer to create a really striking look.

Anne Marie


Anne Marie